In the United States invented a mask to detect coronavirus

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University have developed a special face mask that can detect coronavirus in patients in 90 minutes. This is reported in article on the MIT website.

The development is a prototype of a protective medical mask with a small removable sensor. According to scientists, it can also be sewn into, for example, a lab coat and other clothing. The sensor gives the result after about an hour and a half of wearing the mask. It can be turned on in such a way that other people cannot see the readings. This function is provided for confidentiality.

The development of this type of sensor began several years ago, scientists say. They were previously used to detect Ebola and Zika virus infections. It is noted that the sensors can also be configured to detect other viruses transmitted by airborne droplets.

Previously, a similar mask was developed by specialists from the French company BioSerenity. how claim developers, such a mask is able to neutralize the coronavirus. When worn, the effect in the fight against viruses is achieved thanks to a special textile layer that kills the virus through the use of cyclodextrin and quaternary ammonia molecules. However, the duration of such a remedy is no more than four hours.