In the video- Dr. Elie Gharios for “Al-Nahar”: 15 patients in “Mount Lebanon” stopped receiving cancer treatment due to their loss!

Welcome to hell. The slogan of the stage that reached unlimited degrees of surrealism. The Lebanese were informed of the lifting of fuel subsidies at night. In the morning, the picture seemed ambiguous with the entry into the bazaar of political and electoral bids.

At the same time, the danger continues to threaten hospitals and patients who do not find medicine, and threatens their comfort in the defective bazaar.

Dr. Elie Gharios, Director General of Mount Lebanon Hospital, launched a loud cry on the “Free Idea” program on “Al-Nahar” Facebook, “There are cancer patients who have reached half the treatment, and there is no longer any medicine… We have 15 patients in Mount Lebanon Hospital who will stop tomorrow for treatment.” Receiving cancer medicine and these shorten their lives!

Gharios directed to those responsible for the crisis, saying: “Come on, see the vaccinated patients… all of you have been imprisoned!”.


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