Entertainment In the video .. Hamo Beca: “I got tired...

In the video .. Hamo Beca: “I got tired psychologically after Shakush got music membership.”


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Festivals Hamo Beca said that he has been out of work for 3 years, explaining that the union does not recognize his vote but thousands of people like him.

Hamou Beca added, during a phone call to the program “The End of the Day”, which is broadcast on the channel “An-Nahar”, that the songs of the festivals are introducing funds to the union.

He explained, “I was tired psychologically after the artist Hassan Shakoush was a member of the Syndicate of Musical Professions”, revealing that he sings festivals before Shakush.

Hamou Becca pointed out that the union did not give him any thanks after he presented songs that toured the Arab countries and won the admiration of thousands, and demanded that the union provide a permit to carry out his love work.

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He pointed out that he sang in America, Jordan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and he regularly organized concerts and singing tours there.



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