In transparencies, Joselyn Cano shows off her tiny black body

Known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian “ Joselyn Cano He published a peculiar snapshot where he appears wearing his figure in transparencies, wearing a black bodysuit, this surely took the breath away from his followers.

For a short time the name of Joselyn Cano It has begun to cause notoriety among Internet users, it has become a strong competition from the British model Half Rose.

It was 20 weeks ago that the photo protagonist of this note, in which Joselyn Cano He appears wearing his atr @ ct! va f! gure in transparencies, the impressive thing is that this is not the only photograph but it is where you can see more details.

Unlike other Internet personalities, Josey Cano (he is also known that way) does not share much content, he limits himself to having only a few publications, perhaps with this he draws the attention of his millions of fans, at the same time he invites them to form part of his private page where he sells certain photographs that attract his fans, is perhaps today one of the most prosperous businesses of influencers or models.

Perhaps for many the nickname with which the Internet users have baptized her (La Kim Kardashian Mexicana) does not have much relationship with the socialite because although in fact her parents come from Mexico, she was born in the United States and has spent her entire life in that country, although he has had the opportunity to visit the land where each of his peers was born, Durango and Guadalajara.

In some videos of her stories on Instagram, she has shared a camera with her brother, who like her spends a lot of time in the gym, especially doing weights, in a certain video Joselyn commented that to keep her muscles firm it was necessary to carry a certain weight and consume quite a bit of protein even though it’s vegetarian.

From the moment she began to gain popularity in social networks, several fashion and swimwear companies immediately began to contact her to work with her and to promote their products on their accounts.


In his Instagram account he has two more accounts, another Instagram account that although it has few snapshots are extremely pr0covat! Vas and his OnylFans, we also found something that draws attention to a symbol, as you know Joselyn was born on March 14, 1991, so which is pisces.

If you are a believer in this type of information, you will be interested in knowing a little more about what her personality could be since the model does not share much private information.

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People who have done under the sign of Pisces are considered good people, they like to share with the family, they are traditional and also adores parties, they are also considered altruistic and who are aware of the rest.

Although they appear to have a cold attitude towards others, it seems that it is the opposite, sometimes it is nice to know a little more about our idols, and even more through this type of reading of the signs.

With only 17 years of age, she began to sign contracts to appear in some magazines, mostly on the covers, since then she has continued with her popularity and although we have not seen her in publications for a long time, she continues to be a recognized model in the medium.

When Josey turned 20, she established herself as a true model, her Instagram account served to promote fashion trends as well as swimwear, and she even became a businesswoman launching her own line.

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