Incident during “lateral thinking” demo – “Yes, hello, I’m Jana from Kassel”

A 22-year-old who demonstrates against the government’s corona policy makes a strange Sophie-Scholl comparison in Hanover; a folder bursts the collar. The accompanying video is making the rounds on the net.

A participant in the lateral thinking demo in Hanover referred to Sophie Scholl in her contribution – and aroused indignation and incomprehension. Photo: Twitter / screenshot

Source: @MdBdesGrauen via Twitter

So there was Jana from Kassel and she felt like Sophie Scholl. Their appearance took place on Saturday at a “lateral thinking” demo on Hanover’s Opernplatz. “Yes, hello, I’m Jana from Kassel, and I feel like Sophie Scholl,” said the young woman in the winter coat on the stage, her voice brittle. Since she has “been active here in the resistance for months”, going to demos, distributing flyers and “since yesterday” also registering meetings. “I’m 22 years old, just like Sophie Scholl, before she fell victim to the National Socialists.” The voice became even more fragile, but the horror of those listeners who paid attention in history class also increased.

The Scholl siblings and other members of the “Weisse Rose” resistance group, as a brief reminder, distributed leaflets against the Nazi regime. Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst were arrested by the Gestapo for this in 1943, sentenced to death by the National Socialist People’s Court and murdered with the guillotine. Sophie Scholl was still 21, she wasn’t even 22. A visit to the grave or the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz in front of the Munich University was recommended to the 22-year-old Jana from Kassel.

“I can and will never give up working for freedom, peace, love and justice,” Jana reported from Kassel. But then the lecture was interrupted because a young man came along and held out a glowing vest, apparently a folder vest. “I don’t make a folder for such nonsense,” he said through his face mask. “What nonsense?” Asked Jana from Kassel, apparently astonished. “Anyone who says something like this is playing down the Holocaust,” said the man, who was no longer a steward. “Uh, I didn’t say anything,” said Jana from Kassel. “What bullshit. Like Sophie Scholl? Got stuck. More than embarrassing ». Other stewards came over and the police led him away. Jana from Kassel sobbed, dropped her manuscript and the microphone and disappeared into the stage scenery.

Heiko Maas: Such comparisons play down the Holocaust

But the news and the accompanying video made the rounds. The folder belongs to “the left scene in Hanover,” writes the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. “The staging”, according to the haz, “was supposed to show that the“ lateral thinker ”movement is divided and was a deliberate provocation”. Staging? The folder on the left would then have to have reacted quickly, unless he was already familiar with the disastrous Sophie-Scholl comparison.

Many a Corona comparison goes badly wrong. In Karlsruhe, an eleven-year-old is said to have announced that she felt “like Anne Frank in the Secret Annex” at her birthday party. I have no idea who gives an eleven year old such nonsense. Anne Frank, who was hiding in a rear building in Amsterdam, died in 1945 in a Nazi concentration camp.

“Anyone who compares themselves to Sophie Scholl or Anne Frank today,” tweeted Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, “mocks the courage it took to take a stand against the Nazis. This plays down the Holocaust and shows an unbearable forgetting of history. Nothing connects corona protests with resistance fighters. Nothing!”

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