Incidents at the Commanderie: OM launches a consultation with “all the supporters”

Marseille will launch from the beginning of March a “great consultation” with “all the supporters of the club” called “Agora OM” to “redefine together the supporterism”, announced Monday the club in a statement, 15 days after the attack of its training center by 300 of its supporters. This “large think tank is a collaborative exercise, not a unidirectional initiative of the OM”, told AFP the director general, Hugues Ouvrard.

It is also a “hand extended to all the supporters”, including the fringe which attacked the Commandery on January 30, aggravating the new crisis of the club. Only 9th in Ligue 1, OM are eliminated from the Champions League and their coach, André Villas-Boas, was laid off on February 2. “We want to work with them, our hand is extended,” insisted Hugues Ouvrard about the most critical elements with regard to the club.

“OM is a popular club and must remain so”

“We place the supporters at the heart of the project, OM is a popular club and must remain so. On the other hand, we can no longer tolerate violence, ”said the leader, explaining that this initiative followed these incidents. Initiated by President Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the project, particularly targeted by groups of supporters who demand his departure, “Agora OM is not demagoguery or a Theodule committee”, defended the CEO of the club, who assures to want “to start a dialogue and to set up an action plan to overhaul the system of supportism”.

Before the OM-Rennes match, on January 30, around 300 Olympian supporters had triggered violent incidents in front of the entrance gate of the Commanderie training center, a few dozen of them even managing to enter. The meeting was then postponed.

Seven police officers were slightly injured and three police vehicles degraded. Fourteen of the attackers are to be tried on February 24, three more on March 22. Five of them are still in detention. On February 3, a joint statement from the six groups of OM supporters called for the departure of President Eyraud, the target of their criticism.

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