increase in psychological complaints during corona time

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The Trimbos Institute sees an increase in psychological complaints during the corona crisis.

A poll of nearly 1,300 people at the end of January shows that the participants gave their lives a 6.6, compared to a 7 in the previous months. Shortly before the reference date, a tightening of the lockdown was announced on 20 January, partly because of the advancing British variant of the virus.

It was the third time that the institute conducted such a poll. In the latest study, nearly a quarter of the participants say their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the corona crisis. In October this was still 1 in 6.

People also more often suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety, depression and loneliness, according to Trimbos. The youngest group of respondents between the ages of 20 and 35 is most affected by this. Participants indicate that they find more social contact and perspective important to get through the corona crisis well.

The fear of the corona virus itself has remained the same, says Trimbos. Compared to October, however, there were more stress complaints due to corona and the measures that are in force. However, a majority (60 percent) also indicated that they could still name something positive about the corona crisis, such as more togetherness and peace.


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