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Reporter Liao Lihui/Taipei Report

▲ AKIRA is confirmed to attend the Hublot press conference. (Photo / provided by HUBLOT)

It was previously reported that AKIRA, a member of the Japanese group EXILE, will attend the press conference of the watch brand HUBLOT in Taiwan on October 14 (Friday), but the agent responded to the media at that time, saying that “it has not yet been determined. “, pointing out that the details are still being discussed and no official reply has been given. According to rumors, the itinerary has been finalized last weekend, and AKIRA is determined to start construction in Taiwan. The agent also confirmed that the details have been negotiated and will proceed in the direction of attendance.

Taiwan’s No. 1 model Lin Chi-ling married AKIRA and moved to Japan to live with her. This year, she announced the birth of a son and lived a happy time as a family of three. However, it was revealed last week that Lin Chi-ling’s filial sister Chi-ling misses her family. Considering that her parents are old, she hopes to be able to take care of her nearby. She has the idea of ​​moving back to Taiwan. And AKIRA will also accompany his beloved wife, live in Taiwan together, and return to Japan when he has a job.

AKIRA's Wandering Brothers are holding a concert in Japan.  (Picture / Retrieved from EXILE AKIRA Twitter)

▲ The Wandering Brothers of AKIRA are holding a concert in Japan. (Picture / Retrieved from EXILE AKIRA Twitter)

In this regard, AKIRA’s agent confirmed that AKIRA is currently planning a concert, and outside of that time, “Considering that Zhiling has no chance to accompany her family in Taiwan during this epidemic, I really hope to have more opportunities in the future. Spend more time in Taipei.” The agent pointed out that the epidemic seems to be gradually lifted, and it will be easier to travel between the two places in the future, hoping to achieve a balance between work and family.

The broker also further stated that at the Hublot press conference held in Taipei on the 14th of this month, the relevant details have been discussed with the brand over the weekend. Provided, and then invite media friends to participate.

The Last Samurai AKIRA.  (Picture / Retrieved from AKIRA IG)

▲ “The Last Samurai” AKIRA. (Picture / Retrieved from AKIRA IG)

As for the movie “The Pass Last Days of Samurai” starring AKIRA will appear at the Golden Horse Film Festival, have you received any invitations for Golden Horse related events? The broker said it has not received it yet.

Lin Chi-ling and AKIRA will attend a series of events in Taiwan in October. First, sister Chi-ling will attend the new book “Just Right Elegance – Sister Chi-ling’s Self-cultivation” on October 9 in Songyan, Taipei.The sharing session was followed by a press conference on new chicken essence products on the 12th. AKIRA attended the press conference of the watch brand Hublot on the 14th, and Lin Chiling attended the 190th anniversary event of Longines, which has been endorsed for 16 years on the 20th.

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