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Veracruz, Ver.- With the new provisions of the INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE Law, independent workers and / or who at some point were enrolled in the institutes also will have access to financing, announced the national elected president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, Pedro Fernández Martínez.

He said that these beneficiaries may also enjoy the new credit schemes and decide whether to use the money to buy, build, expand or repair a house, when previously it could only be used for the purchase of a new or used home, and in expansion and remodeling programs.

“The reform allows workers who no longer contribute to make use of their accumulated savings. Also that they occupy their mortgage credit for the purchase of land, eliminates the limit to the number of credits that the worker can request during their working life ”, explained.

He recalled that there is also the program “Let’s grow together” that allows people enrolled in the program to access benefits such as: home loans; retirement pension; credits for businesses and employees; financial support for small entrepreneurs; discounts in the payment of Income Tax; access to job training programs and have access to medical and social services of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

“Independent workers, or those who work in the informal sector, can acquire a new or used home, of any value, through an Infonavit credit”, Indian.

With these changes, more than a million workers will benefit who have retired since 1997, for an amount of 18 billion pesos, in addition to the 14 million transitional employees who will retire in the next 20-25 years.

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