Independent autopsy finds George Floyd died of suffocation from “pressure on his neck”

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Independent autopsy found that George Floyd, who died of a violent argument with the police in Minneapolis, died of asphyxiation due to “strong and prolonged pressure“On the neck, lawyer for the victim’s family said on Monday, contradicting the results of the official autopsy, which cited a” combination of factors “, including health concerns and the matter with the police.

Independent doctors who conducted an autopsy on Mr. Floyd on Sunday concluded that the death was the result of prolonged pressure asphyxia“on the neck, said lawyer Ben Crump. This prolonged pressure “On his neck cut the blood flow to his brain and the pressure on his back hampered his ability to inflate his lungs”, he added.

According to the two medical examiners hired by George Floyd’s family, “no health problem could have caused or caused his death,” reports the New York Times. They added that not only the pressure on the neck, but also the fact that two other police officers were kneeling on the body of George Floyd, contributed to the fact that the blood flow could not reach his lungs and his brain .

“Evidence supports asphyxiation as cause of death and homicide as circumstance of death”, Allecia Wilson, a medical examiner from the University of Michigan, who was able to examine the body of the victim, pointed out at a press conference.

Symbol of racism and police violence against African-Americans

The death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, crystallizes the problems of systemic racism in the American police and has engulfed the United States, where protests, sometimes violent, take place in more than a hundred cities and nearly fifteen states. Thousands of soldiers have been deployed as reinforcements in several states, and some cities, such as New York recently, have had to impose a curfew.

The New York Times did a meticulous job of reenacting the last minutes of George Floyd’s life during his argument with the police in Minneapolis.


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