Indicted and imprisoned, the HRD killer remains silent on his motives

Gabriel Fortin, alleged murderer of a HRD and an employee of Pôle Emploi, Thursday in Drôme and Ardèche, was indicted on Saturday for “assassinations” and imprisoned, remaining silent on the reasons for his action.

“The premeditation on the two facts is perfectly proven”, indicated in a press release the public prosecutor of Valence, Alex Perrin, not being able however to confirm, just like his counterparts of Mulhouse and Colmar, the link between this double assassination and a murder, as well as an assault, which occurred in Haut-Rhin earlier this week.

This “possibility” is still being examined, simply added Perrin.

On Friday, a source familiar with the matter had confirmed to AFP that Mr. Fortin was also suspected of the murder of another HRD, Estelle L., shot dead Tuesday in the parking lot of his company, Knauf, in Wolfgantzen (Haut- Rhine), as well as the assault of a man also working in human resources, attacked at his home in Wattwiller, in the same department. And this on the basis of “the car, the weapons and the ammunition”.

His attacker, who missed him, fled in a car of the same color – red-orange – as the one used by Mr. Fortin. The Alsatian press indicates that these two targeted people are linked to a social plan that affected, in the 2000s, a company in Eure-et-Loir of which the suspect from Valence was an employee at the time.

According to another source close to the case, the man attacked in Wattwiller is employed at General Electric in Belfort, where he is HRD of the Gas branch.

– “Durably shocked” –

The indicted, remained silent during his 48 hours in police custody, “did not wish to express himself further” during his removal, specifies Mr. Perrin, referring to “the extent of the investigations to be carried out” which will require the mobilization of two investigating judges.

Ballistic side, “as it stands, we are not yet certain” that the “light” weapon which was used to kill Estelle L., a 9mm Luger, is the one found on Gabriel Fortin during his arrest Colmar prosecutor Catherine Sorita-Minard told AFP on Friday. “A ballistic expertise will be carried out and will perhaps make it possible to confirm it”, she added.

“Single without children, unemployed engineer and unknown to the legal and intelligence services”, Gabriel Fortin had been registered with the Pôle Emploi agency in Valence before being struck off in 2013 but “nothing establishes the state he knew “the employee he coldly killed, Patricia P., 54, said the prosecutor of Valencia.

On the other hand, he knew Geraldine C., 51, the director of human resources whom he subsequently shot in the Faun company, in Guilherand Granges (Ardèche), about 10 km from Valence. This company had employed Mr. Fortin between 2008 and 2010, as an engineer, before being made redundant, specifies Mr. Perrin.

After this second murder, the killer had left the company “without any particular eagerness” at the wheel of a red-orange Hyundai. Quickly spotted by the police, to whom the registration number had been given by a witness to the first murder, he was finally stopped in his flight by an unmarked car, a police officer taking the decision to cause a collision in order to stop his race .

A search of his vehicle allowed “the discovery of a second handgun and multiple 9mm cartridges”, according to Mr. Perrin.

In Valence and Guilherand Granges, medico-psychological emergency cells have been set up in order to assist and support the families of the victims and their colleagues, “strongly and durably shocked by the facts”, added the prosecutor.

The 900 Pôle Emploi agencies in France remained closed to the public on Friday. That of Valence where the counselor was killed will remain closed doors “until further notice”, as indicated by a sign affixed to her front door.

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