Indie box – ExitMan, the good surprise out of nowhere

With the indie box, the entire XboxSquad editorial team offers you mini reviews of very little known or highlighted indie games. While some don’t deserve to step out of the shadows of the Xbox marketplace, others may be worth a look. This is the whole subject of this section.

ExitMan is based on a simple principle and accessible to everyone : guide the little character under the board exit(s). These appear above the screen and we have a few fractions of a second to position yourself…or get run over! Simpler you can not. And the craziest thing is that goes so fast that we do not see the time passing and that we just want to do better. The formula is declined in several game modes like a royal bat where you face 100 AI for the ultimate survival. Another is to complete 140 challenges more and more twisted. Finally, multiplayer up to local participants could spice up some rainy Sundays. An excellent surprise.

I appreciated :

  • A simple principle, understandable by everyone
  • Lots of game modes
  • 140 challenges!
  • Customization of avatars
  • Available in French

I am sorry :

Indie box – Kattish, the minimalist platformer

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