Indonesia: Islamist extremists kill four Christians by beheading one of them

Extremists linked to the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) killed four Christians, one of them beheaded and the other burned alive, in an isolated village on the island of Sulawesi, in Indonesiaauthorities announced Saturday.

About eight men armed with sabers and firearms arrived in the town of Lembantongoa, in the center of the island, on Friday and killed four men before setting fire to several houses in the village, one of them dedicated to prayer, he said. police.

The town authorities explained that one of the victims was fatally stabbed, another decapitated, another practically beheaded and the last burned alive.

The reasons for this attack are unknown and there have been no arrests, police said. But according to the authorities, the attack was perpetrated by the East Indonesian Mujahideen, East Indonesia Mujahideen, in English, a group that split from ISIS and is present in Indonesia.

This Asian country, mainly Muslim, is the scene of attacks of this type periodically, committed by Islamists. The Sulawesi region has seen tough clashes between Christians and Muslims in recent decades.



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