industrial electricity consumers ask to put ideology aside

Industrial consumers of electricity are asking Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Ecolo-Groen) not to base her policy on ideology. According to them, this risks posing “serious problems“to industry.

The electricity consuming industries, united in the Febeliec sectoral federation, fear for the country’s energy supply, while the government maintains the phase-out of nuclear power by 2025 and the European Commission wants to examine the Mechanism in depth. Capacity Remuneration (CRM). This support mechanism will allow producers to be remunerated for the provision of a certain capacity and must make it possible to guarantee supply when the nuclear phase out.

This mechanism cannot be ready in time“, believes Peter Claes, director of Febeliec. Belgium risks, according to him, to find itself stuck, arriving too late both for support for new gas-fired power stations and for extending nuclear power.

The federal government agreement confirmed, last September, the total phase-out of nuclear power in Belgium for 2025. However, it provides that if, at the end of 2021, uncertainties remain about the country’s security of supply, the Tihange 3 units and Doel 4, the most recent, could be extended.

But Engie, Electrabel’s shareholder, announced this week that a decision on a possible extension of the Tihange 3 and Doel 4 reactors must be made by the end of 2020 at the latest, and not in 2021, due to technical constraints. , legal and financial. The company also communicated to its staff that it was ending investments linked to a possible extension of nuclear power.

Febeliec asks the Minister of Energy to take a decision “rational“and to extend nuclear power.”It’s not a game. It’s about our energy supply, about prices. An ideological position puts our potential in great difficulty“, prie M. Claes. “Be Minister of Energy, not of the nuclear phase-out.

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