Infant Kidnapped Incident Neethus lover Ibrahim Badusha arrested | Ibrahim Badusha arrested for extorting money from Neetu, beating her son

KottayamNeetu’s boyfriend Ibrahim Badusha arrested for kidnapping baby from Kottayam Medical College He had stolen money from Neetu. The case also alleges that Ibrahim abused her and her child. The case was registered under the Juvenile Justice Act for fraud.

When Neetu did not pay, it was clear that he had abused her, including her minor son. Ibrahim will be produced in court tomorrow. Meanwhile, Neetu is the only accused in the case of abducting a child from a medical college.

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Neetu told police that her newborn baby was abducted to blackmail her boyfriend. It is reported that Badusha cheated on Neetu by promising her marriage and then tried for another marriage. Neetu was trying to prove that the Infant Kidnapped baby belonged to Ibrahim. The plan was to buy back the Rs 30 lakh and gold that Badusha had snatched from him.

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The incident took place at 3.30 pm yesterday. Neetu, disguised as a nurse, was taking the baby from her mother for treatment.

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