Infidelities, HIV, corruption of minors, money laundering: the controversies of Nacho Vidal

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Consecrated international porn actor, Ignacio Jordá Calatrava – better known by his stage name Nacho Vidal – (Mataró, Barcelona, ​​1973) has had a very busy life beyond the world of adult films. And after leaving the cinema X turned his professional life and became an entrepreneur.

This week, Vidal is in the news after being arrested in Valencia after being implicated in the death of photographer José Luis Abad during the celebration of a mystical ritual based on inhaling the fumes of the poison sapobufo alvarius. The actor will face a reckless manslaughter charge along with two other men.

This adds to a long list of crimes and scandals that Nacho Vidal has starred in in his life. In 2005, in Ibero-America Miguel Bosé’s video clip of the song “Down with love” was censored because in one scene Nacho vidal appeared with the French actress Katsumi naked dancing and caressing herself in a pool. The then singer assured that “there is nothing wrong with the video, they are naked and we all have one.”

That same year, and after starring in the controversial nude video, the Valencian actor said he was retiring from porn cinema for the love of the Colombian model Franceska Jaimes, seven years his junior. His decision was because, as he himself confessed, no woman, however liberal she may be, could bear that her husband was with one or more others. After a decade on pornographic and erotic cinema screens (with just 30 years he had shot more than 3,000 films of this genre), Vidallo left everything for a relationship of two and a half years. In June 2005 they married and ten years later declared on a television program that «My wife has kicked me out of the house. It is not the first time, he has kicked me out many times »and although his marriage to Franceska Jaimes has been characterized by being full of ups and downs, it was the definitive one because the model surprised the actor by practicing oral sex with another woman. «We are a very open couple, but that later is not true. She is jealous and upset and I accept, respect and forgive. There is no balance. She can be with women because she is bisexual and I don’t care, but I don’t, because she is upset. I don’t understand it », he declared for a magazine. As a result of his (failed) marriage, the interpreter has two children: Violeta and León.

Money laundering
In 2012, he was involved in the Chinese money laundering and documentary falsehood plot. “I don’t know how to subtract or multiply, how am I going to launder money?” He said in his day. A crime that took its toll on him because the reality porn he was going to perform was rejected after his arrest. A program in which the actor was going to shut himself up with 60 women in a house to live together and enjoy the virtues of the porn actor.

Corruption of minors
In 2014, he was involved, although this time involuntarily, in the hiring of a minor for a porn movie. Apparently, a 17-year-old girl wanted to be the star of a pornographic video with her partner, 22 years old. Both accepted the proposal of the producer of Nacho Vidal and recorded the scenes in exchange for 150 euros. The problem was that the young woman presented false documentation to impersonate an adult. The National Police ended up arresting the boyfriend for a crime of corruption of minors, and he was released with charges. At the time, the producer testified that she was also cheated and was unaware that she was working with a teenage girl.

One more year trade participated in the third edition of “Survivors” along with other celebrities such as Chabelita or Mila Ximénez, among others. Although he did not win, the porn actor became one of the finalists who traveled to Honduras in 2015. One of the anecdotes that are most remembered from the contest is when Vidal pleaded with the program’s management not to broadcast one of the content recorded on the island, through which he could be seen crying while being honest with another of the participants. . In Nacho’s words, what really bothered him was that his children could see him in that state.

After months of rumors, in 2019 he acknowledged that he had tested positive for HIV. “It is a job in which you risk your life every time you sleep with a person who comes with a test. We do a test every 15 days. I had the correct test, I worked with seven girls, but I had to do another test because I was going to work in Colombia and I wanted to have a fresh test. My surprise was that on the last day, when I finished the scene with the last girl, they called me from my office and said: ‘Nacho, we received the test you did the other day, but there is one thing that is not right, that You test positive for HIV, ‘”he explained in a video broadcast on social networks.

Reiter’s syndrome
A month later, in September 2019, the porn actor used his YouTube account again to confess that he suffers from Reiter’s syndrome. A disease for which he suffers “horrible” pains: “When night came, the pains began: the knee, the wrist, the ankle, the back … he could not close his eyes. I stayed like this for two weeks, without being diagnosed with the disease, “he said. A disorder with which he will have to learn to live with for the rest of his life.

And a few weeks ago it became news again after despising the work of the health workers during the crisis we are experiencing due to the coronavirus. «I am surprised when I think about what is happening and I see that at eight o’clock everyone applauds. I do not want to belittle anyone, but I do not understand why they applaud for something to which we are all entitled, because we pay it with our taxes. We are the ones who pay the police, firefighters, doctors … », he blurted out to the amazement of the collaborators of« Save me ». «I have nothing against it, I don’t know who got the idea of ​​going out to applaud all these people at eight, because what they are doing is their work. When I finish doing my job, please applaud me too. The presenter himself, Jorge Javier Vázquez, did not hesitate to clarify that the difference with his work is that they were risking their lives. .


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  1. Is this sarcasm at the end of article? I think Nacho Vidal who has entertained and saved tens of thousands (maybe millions) of marriages is quite similar to the health workers at the hospital. Both jobs are compassionate and risk their life. Nacho is now very ill forever for what he gave to the world. This article lacks compassion. It is cold.


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