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Influenza vaccination in IMSS family medicine units – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

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The Mexican Institute of Social Security in Chihuahua carries out the National Vaccination Campaign against influenza, Seasonal Season 2022-2023, in all Family Medicine Units and in points of greatest influx of the entity, in which the vaccine is applied .

The head of the IMSS Chihuahua, Enrique Ureña Bogarín, reported that this campaign will be in force until March 31, 2023, in order to prevent seasonal influenza in the general population.

He mentioned that mainly girls and boys from 6 to 59 months of age, adults 60 years of age and older; pregnant women, health personnel and people with risk factors such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes mellitus, obesity and heart disease.

Similarly, the head of the IMSS reported that the entity is preparing to apply the biological and based on it meet the goals for this 2022-2023 season in which the IMSS in the country will have more than 15.3 million doses for population that attends the Ordinary Regime and IMSS-WELFARE.

Regarding vaccination in spaces in Preventive Medicine areas, which are located in Family Medicine Units, he reported that it is applied during the working hours established in said areas, which is from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The head of the IMSS explained that influenza is a viral disease that spreads easily, and the virus attacks the respiratory system, mainly the nose and throat, and in some cases also affects the lungs.

Influenza is spread from person to person, and can occur through droplets of saliva expelled by sneezing or coughing.

When a kiss or hug is greeted, that is, if there is physical proximity to a sick person, it is also contagious, as occurs in respiratory infections.

In addition, contagion can occur when there is contact with contaminated surfaces, for example tables, computer keyboards, handles, railings, telephones, fabrics, among other objects.

Dr. Ureña Bogarín indicated that it is important to identify the symptoms of influenza and these are fever over 38 degrees; cough and headache.

There is also a runny nose, redness, and congestion; joint and muscle pain. It can also manifest itself with diarrhea, chest pain, stomach pain, or pain when swallowing.

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He stressed that the vaccine is a first step to protect against the influenza virus, but measures such as regular hand washing with soap and water must also be followed, or failing that, use alcohol gel at 70% alcohol.

Etiquette sneezing, space ventilation, and other actions such as leading a healthy lifestyle should be carried out, through the practice of exercise and a balanced diet.

On the other hand, the head of the IMSS reported that the seasonal influenza virus has kept a low profile, but warned that guards should not be lowered on the issue of care and prevention.

“Health is a decision that not only has an impact on the individual, it has repercussions on our family and the community with which we live,” he said. So she invited to follow preventive care and practices

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