Inhuman: They throw a young Peruvian from a bridge and viralize video of the crime

A macabre video viralized on TikTok shocked users of social networks, because in the images it is seen as subjects A young Peruvian is thrown from a bridge in Medellín, Colombia after asking for his name and nationality.

The victim was identified as Silvano Cántaro Tolentino, 19, who had left his country in January to buy clothes and then resell them in Peru, his family told Trade.

“My brother was a happy and humble young man, he has no antecedent. He supported us financially,” said his sister Amelia.

Silvano’s relatives assured that the young man traveled with a group of several foreigners to Colombia and was scammed by them, running out of money. After not hearing from him for a few days, they learned that an inhumane record was being spread on the internet.

It is clear that it is him: the voice, the face“, indicated his relatives, according to the Colombian newspaper The country.

The Peruvian authorities confirmed that they were investigating the case with their counterparts in Medellín, although they clarified that they have not yet found the body.

“We need an investigation to be done in Colombia. We are worried, until now it is not known if he passed away or is he still alive, “cries his family.


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