Innovative DNA recognized by the world… Korea ranks fifth in the world in the Global Innovation Index

Last year’s top 10, the highest ranking ever… 12th in China, 13th in Japan

Korea ranked fifth in the world in the ‘2021 Global Innovation Index’ selected by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the United Nations (UN). Korea overtook Singapore to rank highest among Asian countries.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 20th, WIPO released the results of the 2021 Global Innovation Index evaluation on the same day. This index is a measure of the economic innovation capabilities of 130 countries around the world by WIPO, together with INSEAD, the European Business School, and Cornell University in the United States.

Korea ranks fifth after Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the highest ranking among Asian countries, beating Singapore (8th), China (12th), and Japan (13th). South Korea’s ranking rose five places from 10th last year, the highest since WIPO began its evaluation in 2007.

The global innovation index is divided into the ‘input’ sector that evaluates △institutions, △human capital/research, △infrastructure, △market advancement, and △company sophistication, and the ‘output’ category, which evaluates △knowledge and technology output and △creative output. (10th place last year), and 5th place (10th place last year) respectively.

Korea ranked first in the world for the third consecutive year in the field of human capital and research.

Out of 81 detailed indicators, it ranked first in 9 indicators. The index that ranked highest is △Patent applications as a percentage of GDP △Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications as a percentage of GDP △Patent family versus GDP (funded by two or more countries) △Design applications versus GDP △Number of researchers versus population △Population Compared to the number of researchers, government online services, e-government online participation, and high-tech export share, etc.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Moon Seung-wook sent a video message to the global innovation index announcement event held on the same day to explain Korea’s innovation efforts, which ranked No. ), etc., introduced a plan to expand investment.

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