Intel has reduced the prices of its current Core processors

Behind the reduction in the prices of the current Core processors, we can probably see the effort to empty the warehouses before the new generation, the Rocket Lake-S, enters. It is likely that Intel wants to avoid a situation where there will be a maximum of only 8-core Rocket Lake-S on the market, in addition to which potentially cheaper 10-core Comet Lake-S would be sold.

Of course, lower prices will also help against competition in the form of Ryzens 5000 and 3000, while the Tom’s Hardware server reports that, for example, on Amazon, the prices of the current Core have dropped really significantly. The Core i7-10700F sold for $ 315 at the end of January and is now available for $ 229. We will not see something like this in our stores, as this processor would have to cost around CZK 5,700 or 5,800, but the decline is also significant, a leap and also happened at the beginning of February.

The Core i7-10700F is thus available in our country for prices of approximately CZK 6,700 to 6,900, while until recently it was more than a thousand crowns more expensive. The prices of cheaper processors such as the Core i5-10400F, which is available for prices below CZK 3,800, have fallen slightly, and the powerful Core i9-10900KF is also down, so far also by more than a thousand, and it can be purchased for less than 11,000.

On the other hand, common versions like the 10700 or more powerful unlocked ones like the 10700K are not much cheaper yet, and it looks like prices may fall even further in the coming days. Therefore, it will be appropriate for potential applicants to wait a while longer and watch the development, after all, according to foreign discounts, it is clear that prices in our country can still go down, although probably not very significantly.

AMD and Intel are already really exchanging roles in this regard. AMD has become more expensive with the advent of the latest generation and has little reason to make it cheaper in retail, because its Ryzens are rather unavailable and there is a lot of interest in them. Intel, on the other hand, lags behind technologically, especially behind its former plans, and is finally doing what it has long defended. After all, even the ten-core Core i9-10900KF is now objectively cheaper than the eight-core Ryzen 7 5800X.

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