Intensive care patients: sharp increase in Salzburg

The previously mentioned upper limit of 51 intensive care beds for the entire state has almost been reached. The state clinics (SALK) are therefore preparing additional beds for intensive care patients that go beyond this number, said SALK spokesman Wolfgang Fürweger to the APA.

Vienna takes over intensive care patients from Salzburg

In Salzburg, the coronavirus situation in the hospitals is getting worse. Vienna is now taking on four intensive care patients from Salzburg. Two are to be flown to the federal capital on Wednesday, two more will follow on Thursday. In Salzburg, 45 Covid 19 patients had to be treated in intensive care units on Tuesday, more than ever before.


The Salzburg state clinics are threatened with complete overload. An emergency situation threatens to arise in which intensive medical triages must be undertaken.

Five-point plan is to relieve Salzburg’s hospitals

There will be no lockdown in the state of Salzburg for the time being. Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) wants to avoid this “as long as it is possible”. On Tuesday afternoon he went to a …

Intensive care beds are increased

The state clinics (SALK) are already increasing the intensive care beds at 17, and the transfer should also bring relief. “In the course of tomorrow morning, the first of four Covid intensive care patients will be transferred by helicopter from Salzburg to Vienna General Hospital. A second patient will also be flown to Vienna tomorrow, two more on Thursday,” reported Vienna’s City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) after one Telephone conversation with Salzburg’s state health councilor Christian Stöckl (ÖVP) on Tuesday evening. He asked for the takeover. The capacities in Vienna allow the takeover of four patients, said Hacker. “The pandemic can only be overcome if we all help together – within the federal government, between the states and of course across national borders,” said Hacker.

Haslauer: “Solidarity cooperation across borders”

Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) and his deputy Stöckl thanked them in a joint broadcast. “The focus of our work is always on the well-being of the patient. This solidarity-based cooperation across borders is one of the strengths in times of crisis”, Haslauer and Stöckl were quoted as saying. It was not even two weeks ago that Haslauer resisted further corona measures and the lockdown. On November 10th, he still etched, “Virologists would like everybody from Salzburg and Upper Austria to be locked in their room.”

Salzburg has already taken on Covid 19 patients in the past, only one from Upper Austria last night or three from France in April 2020. The politicians emphasized that coronavirus vaccinations relieve the hospitals.

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7-day incidence doubled in 5-15 year olds

According to the state statistics for Salzburg (as of today, 8.30 a.m.), the 7-day incidence is 1,689. It is highest in Tennengau with 2,079.

Numbers quadrupled in three weeks

Last Tuesday, 31 seriously ill Covid 19 patients still needed intensive medical care in Salzburg. The traffic light commission already stated when it was switched on last Thursday that although the 7-day incidence has almost quadrupled in Salzburg in the last three weeks, the average rate of ICU recordings in the last two weeks has remained 4.1 but same. In Salzburg, Upper Austria and Styria, a reduced admission rate corresponded with the approaching of the reported capacity limits, according to the traffic light commission.

Intensive care patients: a quarter fully immunized

The state statistics also presented current figures on Tuesday on the vaccination status of the Covid patients cared for in the hospitals: around a quarter of the 45 intensive care patients are fully immunized, of the 205 patients in the normal wards it is just over 50 percent.

(Those: APA)

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