Inter-ethnic clashes kill more than 9 in southern Guinea

Guinea: Inter-ethnic clashes kill more than 9 in southern Guinea

Inter-ethnic clashes erupted in the morning of this Saturday, December 26, 2020 in the city of Macenta located in the south of Guinea, causing the death of 9 people. An inter-community conflict would be the cause of this sad record.

Indeed, it all started with the inauguration of the patriarchal seat recently built by Minister Oyé Guilavogui. Between Toma and Maniah, each claims the paternity of the city of Macenta.

“These clashes that Macenta is experiencing today can be explained quite simply by a question of paternity of the city. The two ethnic groups who live there, namely the Tomas and the Maniahs each claim to be the founder of the city. It is this disagreement that pushed the two camps to attack, ”said Genego Guilavogui, the mayor of the urban municipality of Macenta.

Reinforcements from the security services from the N’Zérékoré region were deployed to the scene to lend a hand to the agents of the city of Macenta. The city is completely deserted, all the inhabitants are cloistered in their houses. For the time being, it is total silence at the level of local authorities.

Inter-community violence is recurrent in the N’Zérékoré region, to which the Macenta prefecture falls.

Author: Mamadou Samba BARRY (Correspondent) Conakry –


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