Interim, turnover… The social practices of the e-commerce giant denounced in a report

Drawing. In an Amazon warehouse. – Hasan Bratic/SIPA

Significant use of temporary employment and high turnover rates… An independent report pinpoints the social practices of the e-commerce giant,
Amazon, in France,
unveils Humanity, this Thursday.

This report, produced by the independent expert firm Progexa for the Central Social and Economic Committee (CSEC) of Amazon, reveals that 44% of the total workforce from amazon corresponded to temporary employment in 2019. And this figure even climbs to 64% in particularly physical functions, such as receiving and shipping goods to warehouses.

Three work accidents per day on average

This high recourse to temporary work is the result of “a choice of HR management which consists in partly outsourcing the labor force”, according to the authors of the report. Thus in 2019, “temporary employment increased twice as fast at Amazon (+ 47% FTE, full-time equivalent) than internal staff (+ 18% FTE)”, highlights L’Humanité.

Another quantified element provided by the report: the “turnover rates” are particularly high, according to the daily: 19.8% for workers, 23.9% for supervisors and 34.2% for executives. In addition, “more than a thousand accidents at work were declared by Amazon France Logistique in 2019, ie nearly 3 accidents per day”, notes Humanity. A figure that Alain Jeault, central CGT union delegate quoted by the daily, considers lower since “everything is done to encourage workers, especially temporary workers,
not to report their accidents ”.

Amazon’s lack of transparency

“In 2019, 24 employees were made redundant by the company after having been declared unfit for their job by the occupational physician, or 8 more than in 2018”, writes Humanity, which specifies that the vast majority of occupational diseases are musculoskeletal disorders (ie tendonitis, low back pain, etc.), the leading cause of compensated occupational diseases in France.

Finally, there is Amazon’s lack of transparency, which often took a long time to respond to the requests of the authors of the report and often did so in a fragmented or erroneous manner. “The unreliability of social data from Amazon France Logistique is all the more damaging for the elected officials of the CSEC as Amazon is a company specializing in data collection”, ironically the authors.

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