“Intermediate Vocational” postponed to create a major league pitcher Hu Zhiweiming vs. Zeng Renhe-Free Sports

Hu Zhiweiming confronted Zeng Renhe. (Photo of this newspaper)

[Reporter Wu Qingzheng/Taoyuan Report]The unified lion Hu Zhiwei was originally scheduled to send out the fight against Lotte Peach Ape today. Due to the postponement of the rain, the game will be changed to fight Lotte tomorrow. Lotte will start with Zeng Renhe and become the first in the history of secondary vocational education. Two local pitchers with major league qualifications started the matchup.

Zeng Renhe voted for his masterpiece in the previous game. He started 7 games against Wei Quanlong without conceding any points. He pitched 5 strikeouts and 1 four bad ball. He won his first victory in his career. At that time, Wei Quan was started by Wang Weizhong. It was the first major league-qualified local pitcher in the history of the vocational school to start a matchup. Wang Wei lost 3 points in 5.2 innings and assumed the losing shot. Tomorrow, Zeng Renhe will face a major league-level local pitcher again.

Hu Zhi cast 6 games against Fubon Titans and lost 2 points in 6 rounds of high-quality starting content, but he was defeated by insufficient strike support.

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