«Intermobility», a car on demand to avoid environmental restrictions

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Avis has launched a new rental service for hours of connected and ecological vehicles for travel in large cities and also for its restricted areas, whose routes reach airports or train stations.

This service called “Intermobility” allows you to rent a vehicle with guaranteed availability, without limit of kilometers, with an hourly rate and with the possibility of picking up and returning the car in different offices located in strategic points of a capital.

For occasional travelers, for work or even residents of the same city, the pick-up of each vehicle is exempt from additional charges and a full assistance service is included in the reservation.

Avis already has this new service in its 160 Spanish offices, with zero-labeled electric vehicles such as the Hyundai Ioniq and hybrid models such as the BMW 7 Series or the Toyota Eco series, among which are models such as Prius, Auris , Corolla, CHR or RAV 4.

The rental price of an electric vehicle (Renault Zoe or Hyundai Ionic model) is 20 euros for two hours, 30 hours for 4 hours or 40 euros for 6 hours. The hybrids (Toyota Rav 4, Auris, CHR, Corolla, Prius and Mini Countryman) will cost 30 euros for two hours, 40 euros for 4 hours and 50 euros for 6 hours.

The CEO of Avis for Southern Europe, Gianluca Testa, has described this new service as a “connection node between the citizen, technology and the ecological fleet” of the company.

Testa explained in an informative meeting held on Wednesday in Madrid that the user must complete a previous registration, book in any European office, choose a vehicle and Avis assigns it immediately. Avis has 200,000 cars connected in its offices throughout Europe, the company reports. .


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