International court requests medical attention for Álex Saab

The defense appealed to the international court, considering that the government of Cape Verde (where he is detained Alex Saab) was not giving him “fair or reasonable treatment,” EFE said.

When reviewing the case of the Barranquilla businessman, accused of crimes such as money laundering and aggravated fraud, Cedeao “questioned whether adequate medical care is being given” to Saab and, says the defense quoted by EFE, “recognizes the concern for his state of health, allowing him to be treated by medical personnel outside the prison“.

“In these five months in which Mr. Saab has been detained, he has not been allowed access to specialized medical care. In addition, their defense team has been denied copies of the medical reports ”, adds the defense, led by former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón.

The businessman, named front man of Nicolás Maduro, was transferred by the authorities of Cape Verde to the emergency room, in August, for alleged health problems. At that time, he was tested for coronavirus, which came out negative.

Saab’s health losses were one of the arguments that the defense used, months ago, to ask the African country to give him a house for jail.

Saab’s lawyers insist that he was arbitrarily detained and has requested that precautionary measures be adopted “In view of the constant violations of human rights suffered” by the businessman who, they reiterate, acted as Special Envoy of Venezuela when he was apprehended on June 12.

So, They have come to Cedeao with the aim of “obtaining immediate release” of Saab and to present “the multiple irregularities presented by his detention and the immunity and inviolability that assist Mr. Saab as a diplomatic agent of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

The defense also asked Cedeao to verify the alleged violations of the African Charter of Human Rights in this case, as well as the violations of Saab’s fundamental rights.


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