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Franziska Giffey suggests a corona traffic light. This means that the majority of the children could go back to daycare. She wants free tutoring for poor students and finds the excitement about the vaccination chaos wrong.

The corona lockdown hits families hard. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) asked parents and children for patience on Saturday, making it clear: “We are not yet ready to reopen daycare centers and schools.”

Family Minister Franziska Giffey wants to give families a perspective. In the BILD am Sonntag interview, she presents a plan for how the daycare centers can open.

BILD am SONNTAG: Minister, how long will the country hold out from the lockdown?

Franziska Giffey: “The current Corona measures apply until February 14th, after which there must be real opening perspectives at daycare centers and schools. What is clear is that we cannot open everything at once. We are already working on strategies for a possible scenario in the daycare area. Our suggestion is a “daycare traffic light”, where the situation in the individual daycare centers is decisive. The daycare center is viewed according to three criteria: the number of infected people, the number of children in quarantine and the number of educators in quarantine. There are the phases green, yellow and red. “

What exactly happens then?

Giffey: “If nobody is infected and less than ten percent of the children and staff are in quarantine, the light is green. Regular operation takes place. The traffic light switches to yellow when a person is infected and a kindergarten group or a maximum of a quarter of the staff is in quarantine. Then there is limited regular operation. This means, for example, that the daycare center is open, but for fewer hours. The traffic light switches to red when two or more people have Corona and more than 25 percent of the staff or more than one group of children are in quarantine. Then the facility will be closed and only emergency care will be provided. “

Photo: Niels Starnick / BILD

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Franziska Giffey in conversation with BILD am SonntagPhoto: Niels Starnick / BILD

The general infection situation does not matter?

Giffey: “It is also clear: If the infection rate in the district or the city is very high, above an incidence of 200, or if the corona mutation is spreading aggressively, all daycare centers can only provide emergency care. Anything else would be too dangerous. With my plan, we could reopen a large part of the daycare centers and at the same time react very responsibly and specifically based on the infection situation in the individual daycare centers. I will discuss this with the youth and family ministers of the federal states. “

The director of the Arche, Bernd Siggelkow, warns that socially disadvantaged children can be left behind once the school closes. Why is there no outcry from the Minister for Children?

Giffey: “Every single day I point out the difficult situation of children and the need for child protection. I worked in the focal point of Berlin-Neukölln for 16 years. You don’t have to explain to me what the restrictions mean for children and young people. “

But why are you allowing the schools to close?

Giffey: “It is now the first priority to reduce the number of infections, significantly reduce the number of deaths and thus get the pandemic under control. Closing schools was the last resort. “

Educators are sounding the alarm that the gap is widening dramatically among children. What has to happen

Giffey: “For schoolchildren who missed a lot in the lockdown, there should be free additional offers after the opening: tutoring or summer school during the holidays. The all-day school with afternoon offers is also extremely important in order to provide everyone with the same good education and support. “

The coalition agreement includes the right to all-day school. Who is to blame that this has still not been implemented?

Giffey: “The federal government does not.”

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Photo: Niels Starnick / BILD

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Franziska Giffey in an interview with BILD am SonntagPhoto: Niels Starnick / BILD

Who else?

Giffey: “In particular, conservative, flat states in the west such as Baden-Württemberg or Hesse have so far found it difficult to agree to our project. But even there, women want to combine family and work, and there, too, all-day work is important to support all children. I have no understanding for this braking. Especially now in the pandemic, everyone can see how important good all-day care is so that our entire system works. “

What is the argument about?

Giffey: “The countries want even more money. But there is already an unprecedented financial offer from the federal government on the table: 3.5 billion euros in investment funds plus a share in the operating costs. But we have to come to an agreement quickly, otherwise we won’t get the law through to the general election. It would be good if the new CDU chairman, who is also Prime Minister, would exercise his influence. “

You have an eleven year old son. Have you reached your limits in lockdown with the double burden of ministerial office and support?

Giffey: “Of course, it’s all exhausting. But we too hold on. And sometimes it helps to realize how well we are still doing in Germany: the supermarkets are well stocked, water, electricity, heating and garbage disposal work, health care is in place. The state’s support for the people is quite unique in international comparison. And it is a great achievement how incredibly quickly the vaccine was developed. “

Map: Corona vaccination monitoring in the federal states - infographic

Who is now being inoculated at an incredible snail’s pace …

Giffey: “The vaccine didn’t come onto the market until the end of December. But of course, things are not going fast enough for many people. I can understand that. “

Have mistakes been made when ordering vaccines?

Giffey: “This is not my department. But regardless of that – what good is it if people now always complain that there is too little? I suspect that in a few weeks there will be so much vaccine that we will have completely different discussions: How do we get the doses inoculated quickly and how do we make people actually get vaccinated? “

As the Minister for the Elderly, what do you say about the complaints about how difficult it is to get a vaccination appointment? In North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the websites have collapsed, the hotlines are barely accessible …

Giffey: “I looked at this here at the Berlin vaccination center – and I have to say: Berlin is a pioneer and well organized. NRW can learn something from this. “

Your doctoral thesis will be checked again for plagiarism. Do you want a quick result?

Giffey: “It takes as long as it takes.”

When you first examined your doctoral thesis, you informed the SPD that you would resign if your title was withdrawn. Is that still true?

Giffey: “I’ve said everything there is to be said about it now.”

Interview with Franziska Giffey: Minister wants to reopen daycare centers!

Photo: BILD


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