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After the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto (Canada) discovered that the Israeli software company NSO Group has allegedly been infecting Apple devices with malware, the latter American company acted immediately and released an emergency update for its system. operating namedDo you want to obtain it and thus have greater security? Here we will give you the steps.

It is a spyware called ‘Pegasus’, which is installed through the instant messaging application iMessage, it is installed by default in the operating system of (iPhone), MacOs (computers) and Watchs (watches), therefore you cannot delete it but you can disable it momentarily until you update to IOS 14.8.

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The aforementioned laboratory reported that the company NSO Group detected the security flaw in iMessages and that since last February it has been infecting the ‘Pegasus’ virus in different computers of Apple. Next we will teach you how to deactivate iMessages.

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ from your iPhone mobile.
  • Then, go to the ‘Messages’ section and disable ‘iMessage’.
How to disable iMessages (Photo: Mag)

How does the virus install? Spyware is installed without the user taking any action, just receive a message through the app in question and your cell phone is automatically at risk. For this reason, Apple released an emergency update on iOS days before launching its fifteenth version of this operating system. In addition, when updating iOS the following notice will appear: “This update provides important security improvements and is recommended to all users”suggests the company on the App Store.


  • Go back to the ‘Settings’.
  • Then, click on the ‘General’ section and then on ‘Software Update’.
  • A new window will open. Finally, click on ‘Download and install’ to update iOS to emergency version 14.8.
Download and install iOS 14.8.  (Photo: Mag)
Download and install iOS 14.8. (Photo: Mag)

If you want to try iOS 15 on your device right now iPhone, click so that you follow all the installation steps. If you are a user who has previously tried some trial versions of the aforementioned operating system, you can also follow the same tutorial.


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