Iota enters Honduras weakened but with rain bands

The tropical storm Iota entered Honduras tonight through the eastern department of El Paraíso, bordering Nicaragua, weakened and with a movement of 19 kilometers per hour, but their gangs continue to dump rains throughout the country that could continue until Thursday.

The phenomenon registers a rotation with winds between 80 and 90 kilometers per hour, according to reports from official sources in Tegucigalpa, who have again warned that the emergency has not ended and that more rainfall is expected, with floods in areas such as the north and west.

Iota will exercise direct influence tonight in the south of the departments of El Paraíso, where he entered, and Francisco Morazán, the same as in Choluteca, bordering Nicaragua, and Valle, adjacent to El Salvador.

The storm, possibly downgraded to a tropical depression, is expected to break into the Pacific early Wednesday through the eastern tip of El Salvador.

The strength of the hurricane, which reached Nicaragua in category 5 on the Saffir Simpson scale, It has an influence with gangs that have caused rains throughout the Honduran territory, in some more intense regions, like in the east, north and west of the country.

So far, the death of a girl in the Brus Laguna sector, department of Gracias a Dios, in the Caribbean, bordering Nicaragua, has only transpired due to the demolition of several trees.

The death of the minor has not been confirmed by any of the State institutions involved in the national emergency that Honduras is experiencing due to the passage of Iota.

In Tegucigalpa and adjacent communities, the rains began to be more intense after Iota entered the country, and according to experts the capital will be more affected on Wednesday.

Several regions of the four cardinal points of the country are without electricity due to the demolition of power lines due to the fall of trees and landslides, some of which have interrupted vehicle traffic on important roads.

The floods will also be greater on Wednesdays in the north of the country due to the swelling of the mighty Ulúa and Chamelecón rivers, which are born in the west.

As a result of the storm and the saturation of water in the Honduran soil since the Eta pass, the Government today ordered the closure of all highway axes in the country, from six in the afternoon to 7 in the morning on Wednesday (from 00 00:00 at 13:00 GMT), “with the sole purpose of safeguarding the life of the population,” the Security Secretariat said in a statement.


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