iPhone: These simple number codes unlock secret functions

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With the introduction of the iPhone, Apple revolutionized the phone. Since then, smartphones have eagerly learned. Many great functions are no longer easy to find, real pearls can be discovered deep in the settings (here you will find out which hidden features you should definitely know). However, some functions cannot be discovered even there. They come from the mobile phone era – and are only unlocked with certain combinations of numbers.

The sequences of numbers called GSM codes had to be entered on the cell phone using the number field and enabled the functions directly via the radio network. They also continue to work with smartphones. There they have to be entered in the phone app and confirmed like a call by tapping the green handset symbol. However, some of the codes are blocked by individual providers, and an error message then appears.

Hide your own number for only one number

If you only want to call a number anonymously, this works with the code #31# before the otherwise normally entered phone number. Practical: If you save the contact in the phone book, you always call this number anonymously.

Show own number of only one phone number

The opposite scenario works too. If you turn on phone number suppression in the settings, the number will still be shown to the other party if you enter the code *31# before the extension. The number can also be saved here.

Call the mailbox directly

If you want to leave a message for someone but don’t want to speak directly, you can also call the mailbox directly. To do this, insert a certain number between the cell phone area code and the actual call number, depending on the network. Which one you need varies with that original Network of number.

If the number comes from the Telekom network, for example, the number is 13. 0171-123456 then becomes 0171-13-123456.

The numbers for the other networks are 50 for Vodafone, 33 for O2 and 99 for E-Plus. Attention: If the number was moved to another network, the number for the continues to apply first Network in which the number was registered. If in doubt, you should try which of the numbers works.

Set the mailbox response time

If your own mailbox is going too fast or too slow, you can set this time. To do this, select the code **61*, Your phone number, then ** and a number between 5 and 30. Connect with * and press the call key. The number corresponds to the seconds until the mailbox is switched on. Example: **61*0171123456**15*

Switch off mailbox

If you don’t want to use the mailbox at all, you can switch it on with the code #61# from. With *61# it can be switched on again.

Find out IMEI

The IMEI is an individual number with which your device can be clearly identified. This is useful if a smartphone has been stolen. Calling up and noting down the IMEI is therefore highly recommended. The corresponding code is: *#06#


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