iQIYI released 6,500 pieces of “Wind in Luoyang”-themed digital collection, priced at 49 yuan per piece_Props_Scene_Users

Original title: iQIYI released 6,500 digital collections with the theme of “Wind in Luoyang”, priced at 49 yuan per piece

Bianniu Shi reported on January 22 that yesterday, iQIYI’s drama “Wind in Luoyang” and “Thin Box Mints” released themed digital collections, including six digital collections of props, each of which sold 1,000 pieces; one scene collection “Bad Well”, sold 500 pieces, a total of 6500 pieces.

This is iQIYI’s first national-style digital collection, which will be released in a blind box on January 21, with a single price of 49 yuan.

Among them, there are six digital collections of props, “Gao Bingzhu-jug”, “Baili Hongyi-Shangke Card”, “Baili Hongyi-Luban Lock”, “Wu Siyue-Peony Order”, “Sixteen Nights-Shand Ji” “, “Xunshan Gong-Snake Lock” are the accessories around the protagonist and the key props and important clues that affect the plot.

The scene digital collection “Bad Well” is the origin of the mystery in this plot. The digital collection of “Bad Well” this time is the digital scene of the “Bad Well” 1:1 restoration in the play.

It is understood that the digital collection released this time is to restore the scene in the play to a digital asset – and then develop the digital asset into a link of digital collection, based on the empowerment of IP content based on technology.

Users who purchase digital collections this time can freely place their digital collections of props in the digital space of “bad wells”, build their own “bad wells” scenes, and experience Luoyang culture immersively.

The official also plans to launch the wearable function of the collection in March. According to iQIYI, “digital identity” will knock on the door of the metaverse for users. Users’ achievements, contributions, interests and activities in the digital world will leave a permanent mark. The identity of “sex” and “interoperability” always belongs to the user.

It is reported that in addition to the series, “Wind in Luoyang” has already made a multi-industry chain layout such as Hanfu, figures, VR full-sensing movies, and theme hotels.Return to Sohu, see more


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