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Iran claims no nuclear attack

Tehran: The blast at Iran’s famous Natanz nuclear plant has sparked controversy around the world. As the negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal progressed, the first question was whether Israel was behind the unprovoked blast. The suspicion against Israel came after Israel said it would attack Iran if it went ahead with its nuclear program. However, Iranian officials later said the incident was not an attack but an experiment.

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The bomber struck shortly after noon on Saturday. There were loud noises and flames. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating that the missile defense system at the drone plant, which passed close to the plant, had been fired. Iran says such a missile was tested as part of a capability test but no drones came close to the plant.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Chronicle reports that the Mossad, an Israeli spy agency with about a dozen Iranian scientists, carried out the bombing of the nuclear plant.
Israel has a big plan to bring explosives to Natans, a high-security area. According to the report, the explosives were loaded by drones after being loaded onto catering trucks and recovered by scientists from there.

Natanz nuclear power plant is located in the province of Isfahan in central Iran. Natans, a uranium enrichment plant, covers an area of ​​one million square meters.

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