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Of the Iran has officially resumed uranium enrichment at the Fordo nuclear facility. This was announced by the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency. According to President Hassan Ruhani, this is the "fourth stage" of the gradual withdrawal from the international nuclear agreement. The facility is located 180 kilometers south of the capital Tehran.

As a result of the 2015 agreement, the number of centrifuges in the subterranean uranium enrichment facilities of Fordo and Natans had been reduced by more than two-thirds to 5,060. According to the agreement, Iran would not have been allowed to expand uranium enrichment until 2025.

Already earlier this week, Iran announced the development of new centrifuges. The country now operates 60 IR-6 centrifuges to enrich uranium – twice as many as before, according to the head of the nuclear energy organization. This would now be produced daily five kilograms of enriched uranium. That's an increase of ten times the amount produced two months ago.

Since US President Donald Trump in May 2018 from the international nuclear deal With his Iranian counterpart, his government is pursuing a policy of "maximum pressure" on Iran with ever new sanctions. After the Iranian government continued to abide by the agreements, but announced on the first anniversary of the US exit to gradually reduce its commitments.

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