Ireland: apology for the scandal of children outcasts

Thousands of children have died, abused, in Ireland in Catholic orphanages. From 1922 and for decades, horror has been in full swing. Single mothers, unmarried or victims of rape, came to give birth in these establishments, run by nuns, until 1998. Their newborns remained in these establishments, left to their fate. 9,000 children lost their lives for lack of basic care. The authorities had however been alerted to the ill-treatment.

After the publication of an investigative report, the Irish Prime Minister, Michael Martin, apologized to the Nation, Wednesday January 13: These children and their mothers should never have known about these establishments. I apologize for the shame and the stigma they have suffered, sometimes until today.“The Catholic authorities have also request pardon. Memorials, with names and ages, sometimes in days, were only built recently.

The children were buried in mass graves, without a tombstone or a coffin. Even animals, we wouldn’t have done that. Babies were crying all the time, all night long, because they were hungry and cold“, I know Peter remembers Mulryan, who spent his first four years there. According to the investigation report, 15% Catholic children would die in these orphanages. The others were adopted by American families or Irish peasants in search of labor.

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