Is BYD the new Tesla?

Who in October ten years ago for 10,000 euros Tesla-Bought shares, is now a seasoned millionaire. But many investors have missed entry at Tesla. However, they do not want to get in, because the high market value of the US car manufacturer is very controversial. Nevertheless, the trend towards electromobility is keeping the stock market in suspense. The Chinese manufacturer recently shone WORLD with new success stories, new electric cars and a share price that marks one record high after the next. BYD is an acronym for “Build Your Dreams” – a name that founder Wang Chuanfu has made his agenda. The 20-man start-up, which he founded in 1995 with loans from relatives, is now a multi-billion dollar group with 35,000 engineers and technicians and 195,000 other employees, and operates in over 50 countries worldwide. Could the Chinese manufacturer also be a dream of shareholders, maybe even the new Tesla? An analysis.

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