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Food often “takes teeth” is a warning signal for tooth decay? Can cause periodontal disease or even heart disease? Some dentists pointed out that the location of tooth decay may not be obvious, but if there are four conditions in the mouth and teeth, it may be a sign of tooth decay, including food often getting stuck between the teeth.


Loss of minerals can lead to tooth decay

According to the Hong Kong Department of Health, tooth decay is caused by the decomposition of the tooth surface by acidic substances. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria grow on the surface of the teeth, forming a sticky, colorless film (plaque). Soon after eating, the bacteria in the dental plaque will use the sugar in the food to produce acidic substances, which will decompose the tooth surface and cause the loss of minerals on the tooth surface, leading to tooth decay. If left untreated, mineral loss continues, damaging the tooth surface and forming cavities.

4 Signs of Tooth Decay

Cai Yalan, a specialist in orthodontics and palatefacebook pageAccording to the article, there are four signs of tooth decay:

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