Is Fukuhara Ai in a business crisis? 20-year friend partner shocked that he had officially resigned in August-民视新闻网

Entertainment Center/Reported by Chen Guanyu

Japan’s “snooker queen” Ai Fukuhara and Hongjie Jiang formally announced their divorce in July this year, ending their nearly five-year marriage and jointly owning the custody of their son Kou and daughter Aila-chan. As the marriage turmoil broke out, Fukuhara Ai’s reputation and career were severely damaged. She and her classmates only established a company in Japan at the beginning of this year. Formally leaving the company on June 30, aroused heated discussions from the outside world.

At the beginning of this year, Ai Fukuhara cooperated with elementary school classmates who had known her for 20 years. In February this year, he established an “omusubi” company in Japan. Formally leaving the company on June 30 and resigning from the company’s directorship also made the outside world more curious about the rumors of the company’s failure.

The report also mentioned that Ai Fukuhara was originally expected to show up on the birthday of her eldest daughter Aila-chan on the 13th, but in the end she did not show up at all. She missed her daughter’s 4th birthday, which attracted criticism from the outside world as a “cold woman”, and her image was hit again!

After Jiang Hongjie ended his marriage with Ai Fukuhara, he shouldered the responsibility of taking care of his children. (Photo/Retrieved from Jiang Hongjie IG)

Compared with Ai Fukuhara’s absence, Jiang Hongjie meticulously prepared for her daughter’s birthday. He posted a series of birthday photos on social media and prepared gifts and cakes for his daughter. A small candle with her daughter’s name was inserted on the cake. The daughter was moved and yelled “Take me to love you so much!”. He also confessed emotionally to her daughter, “Thank you for the present, AILA, happy 4th birthday, love you forever, safe and healthy, and happy birthday!”, father and daughter The relationship is quite harmonious.

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