Is Hungary right to trust the Russian vaccine?

By deciding to import 2 million doses of Sputnik V, Hungary is deviating from the European Union’s common vaccine strategy, which consists of pooling orders. Is the government of populist Viktor Orbán right to go it alone? Yes, answers the conservative newspaper Hungarian Nation, no, retorts the social democrat His popular word.

YESSputnik is nothing devilish

Hungarian Nation, Budapest

Russia is not the Soviet Union. Some unconscious people who seek to discredit the strategy [du gouvernement hongrois] pandemic outright lie about the Russian vaccine, comparing it to devastating poison. They sharply criticize the executive and bow their backs in front of their Brussels contractors. It is however obvious that the great action of mutualized purchase of vaccines, piloted from Brussels, did not work.

Israel, China and the United States vaccinated more people than European countries. And, despite the Liberals’ screams, even Angela Merkel has spoken to Putin about the use of the Russian vaccine. Whether foreigners or residing in Hungary, anti-Magyar propagandists owe Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto an apology, who has been accused of destroying the unity of the European Union on the grounds that he signed an agreement with the Russians. It’s wrong. No unit has been destroyed, but some obviously have no interest in the Magyar government managing to stem the societal and economic crisis resulting from the pandemic.

Has Europe been fooled?

Instead, let’s guess why our poor Old Continent is not getting enough doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The laboratory evokes a lack of capacities. But then how to explain that the countries mentioned previously were much better


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