Is the Netanyahu era ending in Israel? Opposition govt moves to victory | Netanyahu’s grip on power loosens as rival moves to unseat him

Tel Aviv: Benjamin Netanyahu’s more than a decade long rule in Israel is coming to an end. Netanyahu’s hopes were dashed when Yameena, a far-right party led by former defense chief Naphtali Bennett, announced his support for the opposition.

The president had earlier invited opposition leader Jair Lapid to form a government by June 2. Earlier in the day, the Gaza Strip seemed to have succeeded in garnering enough votes to form a coalition government, but the Arab Party’s retreat was a setback. It was after this that Bennett announced in a televised speech that he would form a government with Lapid. Bennett’s Yamina party has six seats. With that, Lapid’s Yesh Atid party could take over the reins of the 120-member assembly.

According to the agreement, Bennett will be the first prime minister. Transferred to Lapid after a certain period of time. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Bennett of cheating for a century. He said the alliance was a threat to Israel’s security and future.

Israel, which has seen four elections since April 2019, seemed poised for re-election. But with the arrival of Bennett, a united government will be formed. Lapid-Bennett talks were active from the beginning of the Israeli invasion.

At the same time, the opposition-led government will need the support of the Arab Party to move forward. It is feared that their strong opposition to many of Bennett’s policies will backfire.


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