Is there a restriction on motorcycle grills due to theft and insecurity?

Just think of the constants robberies of restaurants in the north of the city, where criminals enter in pairs with motorcycle helmets to cover their faces and flee more easily, since they also camouflage themselves by disguising themselves as domiciles.

There is also the gang that attacks on 5 motorcycles, which they take advantage of to surround and intimidate the victims and who have already attacked in several localities; or robberies in which the thief runs off, but to catch up with his accomplice who is waiting for him a few meters ahead in these vehicles. Cases like that were seen recently in Chapinero and in Rosales.

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For all these cases, and how on other occasions, the district administrations have chosen to restrict the transit of motorcycles with barbecue, it began to be speculated that this measure could be implemented again.

Even General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Policeman from Bogotá, he told Pulse that from the institution they had made that request:

“Among the requests that we constantly make is that restrictive activity by sectors, it is not the whole city either. It is necessary in some cases to prevent these vehicles from being used to commit crimes such as homicide or theft ”.

The officer explained that they have identified some sectors “with great affectation by this type of theft and criminals who move in motorcycles”And they are towns of Usaquén, Kennedy, Engativá, Suba and Puente Aranda“.

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Will the mayor’s office restrict barbecue grills on motorcycles?

Precisely this Friday, in an event of the authorities from the CAI of Techo, in the southwest of the city, the Mayor’s Office responded to that possibility.

The Secretary of Security, Aníbal Fernández, pointed out that these types of measures are always being considered to confront the unsafety, but that before adopting one of this type, other factors must be taken into account:

“The measure of restriction of the barbecue when it has been used in the city of Bogota It has shown that it has not had a major impact on the reduction of crimes committed in these vehicles, but it has generated a negative impact on economic activities where the motorcycle is an important element of mobility ”.

In addition to the need to displace people, Fernández explained, that the Mayor’s Office “is committed to a full economic reactivation process”, and that is also an impediment.

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For this reason, the official added, other options such as reinforcements are being used. of the Police, of the Army and “a work with security fronts, citizen support, integration of security cameras in commercial establishments and residential complexes with the command center.”

Finally, he recalled the need for the inhabitants of the capital to denounce. These were his explanations:


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