Israeli treatment for severe COVID-19, 94% survival rate in phase 2 clinical trial

Bonus Bio Group’s treatment for severe COVID-19 patients ‘Mesencure’

A treatment developed by Bonus Bio Group (Bonus Bio), an Israeli cell therapy development company, for patients with severe novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) showed a survival rate of 94% in clinical trials.

According to the industry on the 25th, Fox News reported that Bonus Bio’s mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) treatment ‘Mesencure’ showed an excellent effect in the treatment of severe COVID-19 patients in phase 2 clinical trials.

In a clinical trial, Bonus Bio administered the drug to 50 COVID-19 patients hospitalized with severe pneumonia and respiratory distress, and 47 survived.

Thomas Bronstein, head of research at BonusBio, told Fox Teeth, “We can save patients at risk of death and cut hospital stays in half. It also allows for faster treatment, resulting in less permanent tissue damage and long-term sequelae (Longko). bid) will be able to reduce the risk.”

As a result of the clinical trial, patients with severe COVID-19 who received Mesencure had about 70% less mortality than the control group who did not take Mesencure. In addition, about half of the severe COVID-19 patients who received treatment were discharged within the first day of treatment.

Bonus Bio started Phase 2 clinical trial by increasing the number of patients participating this time as 15 of 17 patients with severe COVID-19 who were prescribed Mesencure in the first phase of the clinical trial in August were discharged from the hospital within one day of administration.

Mesencure treats inflammatory lung disease caused by the COVID-19 virus. It has the effect of attenuating excessive inflammatory reactions such as cytokine storm and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Unlike stem cell-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), MCS, the raw material of Mesencure, cannot differentiate into all cells, but it is known that the immune rejection response is low when transplanted into a patient.

Bonus Bio explained that Mesencure can promote lung epithelial cell regeneration and prevent endothelial cell death, contributing to the repair of alveolar and epithelial barriers damaged by cytokine storms, thereby promoting lung tissue regeneration.

“Mesencure is a drug made from living cells. When the cells are injected into the patient and reach the lungs, they begin to secrete molecules and compounds that soothe inflammation,” said Dr. Bronstein. “It reduces pneumonia and edema so the patient can breathe.” It helps to help improve the cytokine storm, the hyperimmune response that is exacerbated in COVID-19.”

Bonus Bio said, “Vaccines can reduce COVID-19 infection and severe disease, but it cannot completely prevent it. Also, there are treatments for mild patients who can be treated at home, but there is still a need to develop treatments for patients with severe COVID-19 who are hospitalized. “he said.

Currently, through compassionate use, it is being provided to severely severe COVID-19 patients in Israel. Compassionate use is a system that temporarily authorizes the use of a drug that has not yet been approved in case of an emergency and when there is no suitable treatment for the patient.

According to the results of this phase 2 clinical trial, Bonus Bio plans to apply for emergency use of Mesencure to be applied to severe COVID-19 patients in Israel. In addition, the ongoing phase 3 clinical trial will continue.

Bonus Bio said, “After getting approval in Israel, we hope to get approval for use in the US and Europe as well.”

“Within 18 months, we will be able to create a new treatment for all critically ill patients,” said Shai Mertzky, CEO of Bonus Bio.

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