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Video: do people stick to the Corona requirements?

The sunny weather lured many people outside on Whit Monday. The balance looks pretty good in most cities in Germany. Most adhered to the existing contact requirements. But in some places it got really nice. We show the pictures of the day in the video.

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“There were just too many people”

The nice weather lured people outside on Monday.

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On the North Sea island of Sylt it wasn’t as crowded as at Pentecost, but there were corona missions here and there. “There were just too many people,” said Mayor of Kampen, Stefanie Böhm. So there were larger groups of people on Saturday who were on the beach. Access has been restricted.

Younger people hardly take measures seriously

In the metropolis of Cologne, the rules were observed “on the whole” according to the regulatory office. However, 108 violations were recorded from Friday to Sunday, it was said on Monday. At Pentecost weekend there were problems especially with young people: “In these groups, the employees of the public order office are increasingly finding that some hardly take the measures of infection protection seriously,” it said. It is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to convince them with arguments.

Often, several teams would have to come to locations, because the people “make fun of escaping the measures / locations”. In addition, the employees on the street felt “a more aggressive mood than at the beginning of the Corona restrictions”.

Hardly any parking spaces for campers

May 26th, 2020, Lower Saxony, Norderney: Two surfers on bicycles ride their surfboards along the promenade along the sea. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Two surfers ride their boards on the promenade on Norderney along the sea.

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Many tourists traveled to the German coasts for the Pentecost weekend. In Lower Saxony, it was noticeably fuller on the roads northwards, as the ADAC announced. There were several traffic jams and accidents. In Cuxhaven there was a great demand for holiday apartments and parking spaces for motorhomes, as Wolf-Dieter Schink, managing director of Cux-Tourismus GmbH, said on Monday. The rush this year was particularly high due to the previous Corona travel restrictions. There were also many day guests. Many owners of mobile homes would have had problems finding another parking space.

Many people also walked along the beach on Norderney. In the narrow streets of the city, it was sometimes difficult to comply with the distance rules, a police spokesman said on Monday. For this reason, employees of the regulatory office were also on the weekend.

Tourist rush in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  Pentecost Sunday after the relaxation in Mecklenburg / Western Pomerania, as if there had never been Corona. Vacationers and locals here in Zinnowitz on the island of Usedom. May 31, 2020 in Zinnowitz Coronavirus *** Whit Sunday after the relaxation in Mecklenburg

Holidaymakers and locals spend the Whitsun days on the beach.

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In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which experienced the first large number of tourists since Pentecost since reopening, there were only occasional violations of the Corona requirements. A spokesman for the Rostock police headquarters, which is responsible for around half of the state, said that the officials did not have to impose any sanctions. Sometimes too many people were together in one place, sometimes a caravan wanted to go to an already booked campsite. The police headquarters in Neubrandenburg – responsible for the other half of the country – did not report any corona violations by tourists. Only a few officials were called at Pentecost, for example because a customer in the supermarket refused to wear mouth-nose protection.

People are driving more trains again

In Bavaria, vacationers and day trippers were rather cautious. People were very hesitant to go to the lakes and mountains in the weekend and at the start of the Pentecost vacation. There could be no talk of a rush that was partly expected after the weeks of restrictions in the wake of the Corona crisis.

According to the company, the number of passengers on Deutsche Bahn increased significantly at Pentecost compared to the past few weeks. “There were around half as many travelers as on Pentecost days in previous years,” said a spokesman on Monday. The Pentecost travel was “relaxed”.

Inflatable boat party in Berlin escalates

In Berlin, the police employed a cluster of hundreds of rubber boats. Around 1,500 people were on the water and on land on Sunday, the police said on Monday. The organizer ended the meeting after a conversation with the police in the early evening, the police report said. According to the Berlin Club Commission, it was an initiative by individual actors from the club scene. The original plan was for people to sit on the shore at a distance and listen to music and speeches on the boats. The organizers were probably surprised by the influx, said a spokesman.

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