It is reported that Michael B. Jordan will join hands with HBO Max to launch the latest mini series of “Black Superman”

according to Collider The latest news pointed out that well-known male stars Michael B. Jordan Opportunity through the production company Outlier Society and HBO Max In cooperation, the latest series of “Superman” was launched, and “Black Superman” was launched.

As early as 2019, there wasnewsIt is said that Michael B. Jordan may become a new generation of Superman (not to replace Henry Cavill) and appear as a black Superman. Outlier Society has now hired a screenwriter to write the script for the unnamed mini-series, and Superman locked in and adapted the “Black Superman” Val-Zod in the DC comics world, but the official has not yet confirmed this.

Previously, JJ Abrams and his personal company Bad Robot reported that they were preparing for the launch of the “Black Superman” movie for Warner Bros., but they were still using the familiar Kal-El/Clark Kent to change their skin color and looking for African-American actors to appear. Although incidents have been very common in Hollywood in recent years, there have been frequent incidents of racial identity disputes. Michael B. Jordan is not interested in such a setting, and is more willing to play a role as a superman who is originally of African descent, so this news can be described as a trace.

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