“It is the most moving moment of our life and he does that”

For many, marriage is one of the most important events in life. Taylor Loren, a Canadian from Vancouver, shared on TikTok a clip from her wedding that still hangs through her throat.

We see her husband Russell, dressed in a blue suit, delighted to see his fiancé walking down the aisle. But then her attention leaves the ceremony to focus on her phone.

Although the event took place four years ago now, Taylor does not seem to have forgotten the “misstep” of her husband. “It was one of the most important and emotional moments of our lives – and my husband did the most romantic thing… He checked his phone. “

Comments have rocketed, with some even calling for divorce. But some were more indulgent, citing the stress no doubt brought on by marriage.

In another video, Taylor revealed the couple are still married. “Baby, TikTok wants to know why you were looking at your phone while I was walking down the aisle,” she asked. “Because cryptocurrency never sleeps,” he replied. Not sure that this excuse is enough …


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