It was claimed that a ‘meteor’ fell in Nevşehir! Here are the images

It was claimed that the light in the sky around 20.40 in Nevşehir was a “meteor fall”.

NevsehirIt was claimed that the light in the sky around 20.40 hours was a “meteor fall”. It was claimed on social media that a meteorite fell in Nevşehir. So, did the meteorite fall? Now everyone in Nevşehir is looking for an answer to this question.

What is a meteor?
Meteorite, or meteor, is the general name for matter falling from space to the Earth’s surface. Meteorite is a solid remnant of the falling object. This object is a comet, asteroid or meteor.

The beam of light that illuminates the sky for a few seconds in Nevşehir, which is claimed to be a meteor, surprised those who saw it. While it was claimed that the meteorite fell for the green light they saw while gliding in the sky, citizens stated that they saw a ball of light in different parts of the city.

Citizens of Nevşehir claimed that they saw a green ball of light. While some argued that it was a Meteor (Meteor), it was a matter of curiosity what the event was watched by those who saw it with surprise.

While a large number of denunciations came to the FİB News Center, one of our readers sent their own images to our news center; “It was around 22.40 the sky suddenly turned green. Nevşehir was seen on the ACIGÖL road.” said.

Another reader claimed that he witnessed the same image from the town of Nar.

Here is the claim that is on the agenda in social media: Did a meteor fall in Nevşehir? comments…

Hilmihan Gürlevik
Yeah I was in front of the door it can’t be such a way to shine

Ali Ceranoglu

Hilmihan Gürlevik
It may have fallen very close to us, this is the first time I see such a brilliance at this hour.

Mehmet Ayıkbaba
Exactly I saw it one to one

Cemil Cologlu
What kind of thing

Omer Konukaldi
Exactly bro, I saw it too

Kardesler Branda
It’s raining stones on our heads

Ahmet Kozan
I saw a blue glow, I thought it was a police light, there is no police ..


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