Italy lifts quarantine on vaccinated British visitors

Roberto Speranza tweeted Saturday that he had signed a decree ending “the mini-quarantine of five days” for visitors from the UK.

Rome had re-imposed the quarantine for those arriving from Britain from June 21st as the Delta variant spread rapidly through the United Kingdom.

However the minister said restrictions remained in force on people arriving from other non-EU countries.

Tourism represents 14 percent of Italy’s Gross Domestic Product and has been battered  by the pandemic.

Italy saw 65 million visitors in 2019 making it one of the world’s most popular destinations.

Since early August, Italy has required proof of vaccination, recent recovery from coronavirus or a negative test for people wanting to dine indoors or enter museums and sports events.

Some coronavirus restrictions were slapped on Sicily again on Friday as the spread of the Delta variant caused concern — the first time such measures have been re-imposed on a regional level since the start of summer.

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