Italy plans new 24 billion euro aid plan

Published on : 10/01/2021 – 16:40

On the Covid-19 front, the Italian government is considering a new aid plan to support its health system as well as the economy hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The support plan amounts to 24 billion euros, the equivalent of one and a half points of the Italian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This money will be used in particular to buy, distribute and carry out vaccinations. In total, 3 billion are planned to help hospitals and the Italian health system to fight against Covid-19.

The aid will also be used to refinance support measures for local governments. Another envelope, finally, will be used to grant subsidies to companies that remain closed due to health restrictions.

The new plan was announced by the government of Giuseppe Conte, as criticism fires in Italy over how the 209 billion euros ofaid awarded by Brussels to fight the crisis. Europe wants guarantees that the funds will be used well, otherwise it might cancel them.

The stake is enormous. The peninsula is in the penultimate place of the 27 due to its inability to spend European structural funds.

♦ At Codogno, we want to turn the page

With our special correspondent in Codogno, Juliette Gheerbrant

With more than 25,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, Lombardy is the most affected region in Italy. Even today, this is where the pandemic is strongest, even if the situation has nothing to compare with that of the spring which deeply marked the spirits. In Codogno, first confined city Europe, the inhabitants are trying to turn the page. Reportage.

On the church square of Codogno, the bar offers a bit of conviviality this Sunday morning thanks to the take-away sale. With some friends, Luigi Bassi recalls the burning memory of the first wave of Covid: ” February, March, April of last year, with the army every time they left town blocking everything, for us it was really terrible. »

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Finding a coffee in hand, even at a good distance, is important. Giovanni Barbaglio, psychotherapist, sees many cases of anxiety linked to the lack of social life: “ People resort to a distorted social bond, as if Facebook, video or Twitter could replace contact and enable balanced development. No. These are palliatives which in the long run prove to be fragile. »

Giovanni Barbaglio also fears that frustrations will create tension. Many, like Marco, find the restrictions too burdensome. “ Here, we do not have the same rate of contagion as in Milan. We are put in an orange zone, but we should be in yellow. »

But the young Giorgia Prodili, she has only one goal, to hold on. ” We would all like to return to a normal life, yes, but above all you have to learn to live with the virus, it is the future that is at stake. I live in the small village of Castiglione d’Adda where there were 90 deaths. in a month and a half, I know what death is. »And what Giorgia expresses is very common here: anything rather than reliving the nightmare


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