“It’s a mess”: older adults wait crowded on the outskirts of Cesfam de Viña del Mar | National

The Cesfam Marco Maldonado, located next to the Gustavo Fricke Hospital in Viña del Mar, again presented complications to carry out the vaccination expeditiously for the elderly.

A crowd gathered outside the office on Thursday morning. Some of the people came to pick up medications, others to take tests and others to get vaccinated.

According to CNN Chile, a large group of adults aged 87 to 89 years He was waiting outside the compound, standing, for a number to be given to them to be attended, however, at 8:24 hours, they still had no answer.

The number of people was such that from within Cesfam they took out benches to place them on the street, so that the elderly could sit and wait.

“We are waiting with the card in hand and they do not give an answer,” said one of them who arrived at 7:00 am.

“This is a risk for everyone”, “It is a mess”, “it is what there is” and “it seems that the municipality did not prepare”, were some of the comments that the news program showed.

It should be remembered that this Wednesday the same venue accused not having all the doses and began the vaccination later than announced, apart from not attending all the older adults who came to the place, because they were not registered.

“A terrible disorganization”

In the place Radio Bío Bío noted the delay in care. Being 9:15 am, the problem continued.

“They should let us in to be warmer inside”Orlando Morales, 87, said, adding that he was not given an estimated hour of attention.

The opposite case is that of Mrs. Teresa, who was given an hour of attention: 10:00 am. However, she arrived early, so her wait time is around 2 hours.

“A lot of people, a lot of queues, and with the cold and everything, nothing, just wait,” he said.

Another case is that of Raquel Carvajal’s aunt, 93, who did not get to be vaccinated this Wednesday, so she was cited for this day “as a priority.” But this has not happened.

“It is a terrible disorganization on the part of the municipality. The disorganization is a lot, “said Raquel. Meanwhile, her aunt, Elena, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, declared that she “does not like” the situation.

It should be said that the enclosure has a capacity of one capacity of 13 people in the vaccination box. To this is added the additional half hour that people must be inside post inoculation, to be observed by the medical team to see if they have any reaction.

Authority response

The mayor, Jorge Martínez, arrived at the scene and announced that other vaccination centers will be available so that “all people are vaccinated.”

The Minister of Government, Leslie Briones, spoke with La Radio and explained that “unfortunately in this Cesfam, due to the number of people they serve and the amount of population that this Cesfam summons, this problem has been caused.”

The points enabled were Plaza Parroquia and Los Carmelitos Church, under the planning of the Viñamarino municipality. According to the seremi, Viña del Mar is the second commune in the country with the largest number of older adults, therefore the authority called on the municipality to make an effort to provide better information.

The director of the Health Area of ​​the Municipal Corporation of Viña del Mar, Jimmy Torres, assured that this Cesfam in particular “was obviously overwhelmed by demand” and that people can go directly to the authorized points where they will be vaccinated without prior registration.

Igor Ibarra | RBB
Igor Ibarra | RBB
Igor Ibarra | RBB


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