It’s already gone for Christmas shopping

The shopping madness started on Saturday at the Eaton Center, where several people interviewed by the 24 Hours said they were getting ahead of holiday shopping.

The lines stretched out in front of stores that were already showing discounts before Christmas. Laura Zárate-Gagné and Ketleen Monrose were looking for inspiration for gift ideas, but the waiting time put them off.

“That was the plan, but there are too many lines. In Uniqlo, Canada Goose, Simons, The North Face, wherever we wanted to shop, ”explained Laura.

For her part, Ketleen is considering the option of buying online. “I didn’t have anything special, I mostly wanted to watch for inspiration,” she said.

“I don’t usually buy anything online, I like to touch and see things. But now, I think I’ll buy online, there are too many people. We came before Black Friday to avoid the lines and it’s madness, ”Laura said. Not each of them will participate in Black Friday to avoid the masses of people.

Marie and Amandine, who did not want to give their last name, were in the middle of their Christmas shopping and were excited for their New Year’s Eve for which they were going to put a maximum of efforts.

“We will receive little, but in quality,” said Marie.

“I have things to decorate the table since ultimately we have the right to entertain. So I want to receive as it should, I’m going to do something “cute” this year, “said Amandine.

For them, this outing was an opportunity to meet and have a change of scenery.

“It feels good because there isn’t a lot of activity. This is where we can meet our friends. I think the government would not like that, but there are no more theaters, no more cinemas, ”said Marie.

Zoé Rao and Matthieu Trudel were not in their holiday shopping since they will rather treat each other with experience gifts such as professional services.

For them, holiday shopping isn’t really in the air. “We’re still in Halloween mode!” Zoe said.

Marc Gilbert already knows that he will be spending his Christmas with his girlfriend and that gifts are not his priority at the moment.

“Last year, surprise gifts happened and you had to go shopping. But this year, we’re avoiding each other, ”he said, seeing the good sides of this more exclusive Christmas.

Chris Elliot only bought “little things for friends and family.” This year it will be Christmas at home in social distancing mode with a few friends.


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