It’s official, the PS5 is finally available in France!

It is today that the PS5 is released in France and elsewhere in Europe. After long months of waiting and a week after the rest of the world, Sony‘s next gen console is finally available for the price of 499 euros and 399 euros for the Digital Edition. The manufacturer announced a few days ago that the PS5 will not be sold in stores, so you will have to go to the site of an online dealer to get it, if you have not already pre-ordered.

Sony Playstation 5

Here it is finally. Sony has been abounding us with information about the PS5 for months, now touting Crazy loading times, sometimes unprecedented game performance. Many European players are therefore waiting to get their hands on the next gen console. It is now possible, since this one is available since today on e-commerce platforms. Indeed, announced earlier this month that the PS5 will not be in stores and will be sold exclusively online during the first few days.

It will be necessary to pay 499 euros to get it, or 399 euros if you opt for the Digital Edition without Blu-Ray player. It’s a safe bet that you will also need to arm yourself with patience. Indeed, Sony has recorded a record number of pre-orders and the shortage was felt for several weeks. Don’t panic though: Fnac, Auchan and Cdiscount have confirmed to have consoles in stock on November 19. Their sale will surely only do a few minutes, it is therefore better to connect at the opening time.

The PS5 available from 10 am at Fnac and perhaps from midnight on Cdiscount

Among French resellers, only Fnac has announced an opening hour for sales: starting signal launched at 10h on its site, for orders that can be collected in store. As for Cdiscount, Boulanger, Leclerc and Auchan, no information has been communicated on this subject. The PS5 could therefore be put online overnight. Amazon for its part clarified that the console would be available as soon as 13h on its platform.

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The entry into next-generation gaming is causing impatience among many gamers. There is no doubt that stocks will be quickly replenished for the less fortunate who could not get the console. With its performance 4K, its beautiful toy library and the backward compatibility with (almost) all the PS4 titles, the latter has many hours of play ahead of it.

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